Mission Statement

First and foremost, the city government and its operations must be honest, open, and transparent in its operations. Much more can and must be done to inform and encourage a more open dialogue between the city’s taxpayers and their representatives. Citizens must be encouraged to participate in the discussion and deliberation phases surrounding the major issues facing our community and the scope and magnitude of spending involved in funding a host of major community initiatives.

I stand for intelligent and capable management of the city’s fiscal resources. It is essential we balance the need to fund downtown development intelligently in the short term while effectively providing for the funding of essential services and quality of life expenditures. We must continue to save money for a “rainy day” while still maintaining city services including police, fire, water/sewer/sanitation, and road maintenance.

We need to work hard to grow the city’s economy with businesses that will provide our citizens with a decent wage, safe working conditions, and long term employment. We need to target specific economic sectors (air freight, green technologies, auto parts supplies, agritechnology resources) which will help diversify the local economy and help us combat the national decline in manufacturing jobs and plants.

The city needs to develop roadways which divert traffic away from major traffic areas including Leitchfield Road, Frederica/Southtown, and streets leading into the downtown redevelopment zone.

As your City Commissioner, I seek to be open and available to listen to citizen concerns. I am committed to working to improve the quality of life for all city residents. I believe economic development is “job one” because by bringing new business and career opportunities to our community we encourage long term growth, advancement, and an enhanced quality of life for all city residents.

Other Achievements:

  • Supported incentives that brought over 400 new jobs to Owensboro.
  • Fought to keep aluminum processing jobs in our area.
  • Urged fiscal responsibility within the Downtown Redevelopment Plan.
  • Advocated for private investment in major redevelopment projects.
  • Lobbied for retail and residential redevelopment (Triplett/Parrish Ave.).
  • Supported grant funding for improved police and fire protection.
  • Championed retail and residential renewal beyond Downtown.
  • Renewal areas - West Parrish, Northwest, and Triplett St. areas.
  • Promoted programs to help boost literacy and educational attainment.
  • D.C. Imagination Library & Bold Promise Scholarship Committee.
  • Lobbied to keep our Airport Control Tower operating at full strength.
  • Supported the development of a new senior center.
  • Consistently supported grants to upgrade city police and fire protection.
  • Advocate for the homeless and the disadvantaged in our community.
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  • 2012 Ballot Position
  • Member of PRIDE
  • KCTCS Leadership Seminar Graduate
  • Kentucky Debate Educator of the Year
  • Additional Graduate Coarses WKU and UK